Terms of Use

Online Student Code of Conduct

By using Dunlap-Stone University's online classroom, students affirm that they have read the following:

Course Expectations

·         Read the course syllabus and instructor’s posts very carefully, noting due dates of activities, quizzes, and assignments, and printing materials if desired. If you have any questions about what you are expected to do in the course, contact your professor immediately. Do not contact your instructor for technical support that is unrelated to course content (see below).

·         When taking an online course, you should expect

o    to have access to the new week’s material each Wednesday evening,

o    to receive timely responses to your messages from your professor,

o    to be aware of your standing in the course, typically receiving feedback on your written work within a week of the close of the week of submission,

o    and to have access to your account and course materials for up to 30 days after the course ends. NOTE THAT YOUR ACCESS TO COURSE MATERIALS WILL BE SUSPENDED AT THIS TIME. You should download/print any materials you wish to retain.

·         Online Code of Conduct

Students have the right to express themselves and participate freely in an online class. However, they are expected to treat each other and the instructor with courtesy and respect. Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication e.g., emails, discussion postings, group projects, submitted assignments. Students are allowed to disagree with each other or the instructor but must do so in a civil manner.

The discussion area of the course is reserved for postings related to course work only. Postings of a personal or nonacademic nature are not permitted and may be removed by the instructor should they appear. Grades and personal issues should be handled by private message to the instructor.

Emails to the instructor that are considered offensive or inappropriate will be sent back to the writer with a request to rewrite and resubmit. If the emails continue to be unacceptable, the student will be referred to the administration and denied access to the course until the Dean contacts the student. If students receive inappropriate emails from others in the class they should notify the instructor and appropriate action will be taken.

·         Academic Honesty and Student Policies

Students are expected to submit work which is their own. Plagiarism or cheating will not be tolerated. If either is the case the student may have his/her grade for the assignment/quiz lowered, may fail the course, or may jeopardize their enrollment with the university. 

Note that all material is copyrighted and the original holder's retain all rights to the materials.  Materials in the classroom should not be distributed to others without the express written consent of the copyright holder. 

·         Technical Support
While you should contact your online instructor for questions about course content, for technical support, including forgotten passwords and problems using Moodle tools, please contact:  support@dunlap-stone.edu or by calling 602-648-5750.  

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